Public Information Disclaimer


Please note that we offer lot square-footage and acreage information derived from Kane County GIS data.


The Campton Township Assessor's Office has gathered property information for the use of determining property assessed values, as required by Illinois state law. While this information is public record, it should not be used by anyone as a determination of market value, or as any record of ownership.

The Assessor and Campton Township disclaim any and all warranties, both expressed and implied, regarding any and all of this property information.

All assessed values are subject to change by the Assessor, the Board of Review, the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board, judicial courts, and/or the County and State equalization processes. Additionally, statutory exemptions and statutory assessment procedures may affect the assessed and/or taxable values.

The Township Assessor and Campton Township assume no responsibility, nor liability for damages arising from the public's use of property and/or assessment data. The user assumes responsibility for the selection of data to achieve their intended results, and for the installation and use of the results obtained from the property and/or assessment data.

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